Visions of Sugar Plums

mmmmm cookies.

I’ve never had a sugar plum and I’m not sure when I’ll run into one to try, but my holiday love is with cookies.  I made my first batch of the season last night and my house smelled so good that it was hard to start dreaming.

Baking in general is wonderful, but when it comes to the holiday season it just gets me so excited.  As I mix the dough, my mind wanders back: standing on tip toes in slippers, carefully measuring the ingredients, sneaking batter, flour on my face.  The warmth of the oven and the wood stove keep us toasty and working later to finish up decorating.   Holiday music fills the air that’s scented with powdered sugar as Dad sneaks sugar cookies and Mom has to have redhot candies.  Trays upon trays of cookies line the counter.

Nights filled with cookies and decorating take me away.  I’d like to think it’s the joy of eating those hot cookies almost right out of the oven.  But while my love of baking is strong, I know that life is magical when all are working together to produce and eat sweets.

be sweet



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