Winter Wonderland

I tend to be an avid weather watcher, but somehow I’ve ignored this week’s weather forecast.  So when I awoke this morning to snow falling I was delighted!  Those that know me might be surprised by this post, but hey, another reason to embrace the winter wonderland–it doesn’t happen every day.

I love changing seasons and when the weather just turns because it keeps life interesting. It would be hard to appreciate the snow covered landscape without the memory of a sweat drenched summer night.  So look forward to posts with the defining moments between each season.

What makes winter special? Snow. Snow is the frosting of nature. It makes everything looks sweet and delectable–a candy land.  Great things come from snow: Snowmen, snowball fights, igloos, sledding, fireplaces, hot chocolate.

Winter reminds us that sometimes you must hibernate, that life is full of cycles (sometimes you have lots of green leaves, sometimes you don’t), and mother nature has a mind of her own.

When I envision winter, it’s like a Bob Ross painting: evergreens dusted with frosting, blue sky, and the birds coming out to enjoy the seeds at a bird feeder, untouched clean white snow, maybe a barn in the background.

let it snow



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