Flying has a mystic, a mystery of floating from one world to the next.  Combine flying with clouds and the sun setting and you have the perfect situation for day dreaming.

So how does one love or appreciate day dreaming?

It started back in seventh grade, when a teacher actually encouraged us to turn our gaze out the large windows and dream for a bit (even in class, even when he was lecturing).  Okay, so it’s good for a 12 year old, but an adult? yes. To dream, to take yourself to another world, to a future that you want or a life you want to live.

I find myself in situations that some people don’t like (flying, waiting, moving from one place to another) the perfect situations to push away from reality.  It’s healthy to untie the constraints of everyday life, forget the to do list, the mountain of reading, to just sit and zone in to yourself, your thoughts, and wishes.

Why is flying the perfect vehicle? Have you heard of a time machine that didn’t travel. It’s the main vehicle that you have no control, can see all of the sky, and have time.

dream on



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