Hello 2012!

Day 28 of the blog and Day 1 of 2012 greets with a smile and an exploration.

Since my meanderings just started a mere 28 days ago, I don’t really have any additional goals to add. However, I would like to start the year by focusing on 3 words: Open, Focus, Balance.

OPEN. to be open to new ideas and people. to let your heart and mind open up and listen and learn without judgement. to push away the risk and explore fully.

FOCUS. once you have that goal in mind, focusing on it and how to get to that point. to give each and every person and idea the full attention it deserves. focusing on the good and the happiness in your life. choosing your own focus.

BALANCE. finding your equilibrium. dividing your time between loves and giving yourself to focus and relax.

open your heart, focus on your breathing, find your balance



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