You always hear the motto, “no regrets.” So, I decided to look up regret in the thesaurus, and guess what I found? The antonyms are contentedness, happiness and satisfaction. Three very strong words that are central to the idea of this blog (and my life).

I must admit that when I got a tattoo a couple years back, I automatically knew that I had to live my life and stand up for what I do and have done. We all do this, to one extent or another, to one extreme or another. But depending on how life looks for the day, sometimes it’s hard.

So why should we live life full of conviction, happiness, and satisfaction for each decision, each idea, and each action? Because if we don’t, then it’s hard to be content, happy and satisfied.

right, right…

Thinking back to a previous post (not to long ago), I stated that we must¬†analyze. I’m back to say it again: analyze. To keep living the content life, to keep yourself happy and satisfied, you must analyze those things that strike you. That pull your hair and make you want to scream. But at the end of the day, you have to get over it, get over yourself, and live the best life. the happiest life.

no regrets



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