To the market

It might be enough that one of my loves is in such a fabulous building, or that it has the best crepes I’ve ever tasted, but what about the greek yogurt, bread, peirogies, pasta, chocolate, doughnuts, cakeballs, coffee, cottage cheese, natural peanut butter, roasted peanuts, vegetables, and the list only stops because a) I don’t want to bore you and b) I haven’t tried everything, yet.

To add to the joy of going to the market this last Saturday, there was live music! Yes, the soothing small band that plays while you shop and just makes you smile–that one. The second thing that made this Saturday special, there was an extremely long tromp in the snow to get to the market and to the upper balcony with warm heated seats. Last, but not least, this Saturday I was joined with a very special guest that was experiencing everything that the market is and more with me.

To help you relive my market days, here is a version of what happens in my head: Yum, those apples look crunchy. What should I make this week, maybe something with squash? How many fruits and veggies do you think I can carry? Wait did I just hear her say “3 boxes of berries for 5 dollars?” Okay, I need to decide. What are the ingredients in that soup, I wonder. hmm, okay, my arm tells me I have enough produce. I think it’s time for crepes. Savory, yes please. Sheesh, it’s crowded today. I’m so glad it’s Saturday. morning. mmm, those crepe makers are so talented. What kind of pierogies do I want this week? Do I want bread and cheese. That sure sounds good. Wow, look at that pastry.  Do I have enough peanut butter for the week? Do you think I can possible fit a couple more items in my bag? Not to leave out the friendliness of all market goers. The smells of the fresh baked goods and the sweet treats.

love it up



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  1. Audrey
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 14:21:27

    When I read our posts, I often feel like I’m watching a Julia Roberts film. You have an amazing ability to describe your experiences so thati feel as though I, too, have lived them!


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