Run it out

Fact: I love to run.

Running was something that I started not because I stumbled upon it, but because that’s what my older siblings did–so why not try it? I did the high school cross country and track thing, however I only ran occasionally when not in season.

My love exploded the summer after my freshman year of college.  It’s like I all of a sudden realized the joy that I get from being outside and running. Not really, I’m lying, it was much more intense then that.  A couple things spurred me to get back into running. First, I decided to stay in my college town for the summer. Being a freshman, most of my friends left town for the summer, leaving me with lots of free time to run. Second, I’m not sure if it was the freshman fifteen or the fifteen before freshman that stayed, but I was ready to get back into shape. Third, I decided that I wanted to run a marathon. Now, it sounds crazy to go from very little running to running a pretty long race, but as I said I was a little bored. And lastly, I must admit, looking back, I was working through the death of my grandmother as well as really trying to figure out who I was as an “adult.”

I must explain the reason for the timing of this post. I have loved to run for awhile now, but I recently was unable to run for about 10 weeks. Being unable to run helped me start this blog with my free time. Now I’m back to running and still blogging, so I’m feeling pretty great.

Why do I love to run?

Runners already understand. But I’m writer as well, so I will explain my love of running.

When I run, everything else disappears. If it doesn’t disappear, it’s bound to be forgotten when I feel the wind on my face or realize the beauty in the clouds. My shoulders automatically loosen. I feel exhilarated by the movement of my legs and arms working together to propel me forward. It gives me an excuse to ignore people and just run. Just go and go and go without stopping.  Letting the sun warm my skin. Weather tends to have an adverse effect on my running, as in I find it challenging and like to think I’m even more of a gnar dawg for running in the snow (like last saturday), running in temperatures as low as 12 degrees Fahrenheit (like a week ago), running in the rain with the wind pelting your face with precipitation (like tonite).  Running gives me an out. An away. A place to go when I’m not sure where I want to be, but know it’s not necessarily right here and right now.  Running gives me the energy to tackle those big things in life. To understand, to take a step back (or a few miles away) to get a better look. I get an heighten sense of things when running, I can tell you about the hill with honey suckle, the corner on my long runs, the beauty of exploring a new place, running through the garden district in NOLA, sharing a run with a friend in colorado, running in the heat, running in the snow… Everything is livelier because when running I’m so in-tuned to my body and my senses, my happiness, and my love. Some people call it endorphins, yeah, they’re there when you finish a marathon, when you hit that PR, but even when you had a beautiful run after a long day, maybe it’s a chemical, but sometimes I think it’s multiplied by the joy I get from running.

keep going



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