“I like your beard”

“winter is obviously beard time” which is why this post is so relevant.

facial hair (noun): 1. hair grown on a (man’s) face. 2. “Facial hair is a secondary sex characteristic of human males. “3. A form of expression. 4. A way for a man to show his manliness and pick up the ladies.

So obviously, I don’t have a beard, therefore, I can’t say I love my beard. I can say that I do enjoy good facial hair on men. I was contemplating this topic and trying to figure out why I feel this way.  It might have to do with the fact that most men in my family have facial hair, or if someone is able to grow good facial hair they’re more mature? It adds texture to his face?Meh, either way, I do believe that facial hair has the opportunity to look great and be an interesting way for some people to express themselves. And to just look more handsome, duh.

What is the best way going about a subject I really cannot have an expert opinion about? Going to an expert. So I consulted a very informed expert, who has many good tips to having perfect facial hair.

I must say that I do appreciate good facial hair; the shadow look, a nice trimmed style or a  full beard… Did I mention that facial hair looks great with flannel (see previous post)?

Tips from an expert:

First you must know that he is “very opinionated about facial hair.”

the most basic rule is that if you have not trimmed at least the top and the bottom its not a beard, that’s just called not shaving. which is done by hippies college students and people who play to much wow

also if you can’t grow anything below your mouth but over your jawline you must shave. otherwise you have a neck beard and (you’ll look like an idiot)

the unkempt look is very in right now but there is a fine line between unkempt and not shaving, if in doubt refer to the most basic rule I laid out at the beginning

mustaches are fine as long as they don’t hang into your mouth. if at anytime you can taste your mustache it needs to be shortened.

I was told by malcolm (worlds greatest barber) that your beard length should never exceed hair length. I think that is bullshit and am in full favor of beards exceeding head hair

yes i am an expert.

winter is obviously beard time, summer beards can be awful

the longer your beard is the longer you can go without trimming your neck

traveling is also an appropriate time to be bearded; of course the proper thing to do (when traveling) is plan ahead and get a good base beard and then trim your neck immediately before departure that way as you don’t shave for whatever time period the neck is proportionally shorter and look is significantly less dischevelled.

express yourself



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