Good Hours

“I had for my winter evening walk–

No one at all with whom to talk,

But I had the cottages in a row

Up to their shining eyes in the snow.”

I thought about quoting a more famous robert frost poem, but then I realized that was cliche.  My exploration and or love is  traveling the road less traveled (okay, maybe I am cliche).

Throughout this week, I’ve had several conversations that have reminded me of a few things. First, no matter where your friends or family are, you deeply care about and want to be there for them. Second, you take adventures and roads less traveled to help yourself grow and to discover the beauty of life. Third, you can’t change it, you just have to love it.

As I was running through the freshly falling snow this morning, I came to a neighborhood where most folks had not begun to stir. The freshness of the snow squashed by my shoes reminded me of how exhilarating it is to make your own path.  As the snow fell and the people stayed in their cottages, I realized that tromping around in unfamiliar territory is not for the weak. It takes something to get up and go out where you know no one, but have hope enough to believe that everything will be beautiful.

I can’t say I blame those who love the familiar, it definitely makes for an easier life, and is best for those who are risk-averse. But I must tell, if you are one of those, that there is a lot of beauty out there to discover. I believe it is a gift to find the sun in a thunderstorm when you’re seeing a thunderstorm for the first time (okay, maybe that’s a really bad metaphor because thunderstorms are fascinating).

“And I thought I had the folk within: 

I had the sound of a violin;

I had a glimpse through curtain laces

Of youthful forms and youthful faces.”

see the sun



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