Hugs for my legs

I love long johns.  Some people prefer to call them long underwear, but I’m wearing underwear under mine, so I’m calling them long johns.

I remember getting frustrated about having to wear long johns when younger, I thought it restricted my movements and made my pants to tight and was just uncomfortable. I’ve changed. I think long johns are fabulous. If your pants are too tight when you wear them either A. change your pants; B. buy bigger pants; or C. deal with cold legs.

As I sit here in my long johns and flannel (and drink a cup of coffee, of course) I feel warmth. I see snow outside, I see wind blowing the snow, but I feel warm. Having the fabric snug on my legs is truly like a hug, a nonstop hug, a good tight around the right parts hug.  Not only does the added warmth make these inside of your pants pants amazing, but they’re so comfortable it doesn’t feel as if you’re wearing anything extra at all.  Did I mention that not only are their waffle long johns (not to be confused with either of the breakfast foods…), but they have silk, cotton, all spandex, whatever blend of snug fabric you want. Whatever makes your legs happy, they make it. So here’s to staying warm and snug and having a hug…

stay snug



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