The power of a Valentine.  I’m not talking about the mushy gushy one from the boy down the street, I’m talking about that thoughtful cute one that I got in the mail, the one sprinkled with glitter, covered in stickers, and full of the sweetest, nicest things ever.

Some people are quick to say that Valentine’s day is a useless man-made holiday to boost card and candy (and perhaps jewelry) sales.  But I think they’re blind. Yes, okay, I saw the red and the pink starting in early January. I saw the endless floral and jewelry advertisements on all television channels. Yes, I got the jewelry flyer in the mail and was bombarded by the rosy candy aisle in all stores.  But I’m not talking about heart shaped boxes. I’m talking about appreciating those that you love.

When I was in high school, my extended family started getting together on Valentine’s Day to have dinner and to just enjoy each other’s company. I admit, it was annoying in college when I wanted to hang out with whatever boy I was dating, but now, I miss that. Living farther then a short drive (or flight for that matter) home, it makes you realize that those people (your family and your friends) are the ones to appreciate on days like today. Being “forced” to spend those Valentine’s Days with those who care(d) most about me, make you realize that this holiday is really about more then that mush.

Valentine’s Day is about appreciating ALL the people you love in your life. I hope that when you’re standing in the card aisle or being blinded by sparkly red boxes, your mind wanders back to handmade glitterfilled and sticky with glue valentines.  The time you spent perfecting a heart with your scissors. The fact that you couldn’t get the glitter out of your hair for a week. The cute ones dotted with Xs and Os for your loved ones. Pink and red markers running out of ink.  I hope you get a cute and thoughtful and perhaps a little sticky with glitter falling off it valentine this year.




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