hope for the flowers

It’s April! and Spring! and I’m back to writing!

Sunlight and noticeable longer days give me excuses to get out and take it in.

The flower and tree blooms start winking at me. The warmth of the sun gives me hugs. The sweet southern breeze whispers sweet nothingness into my ears. The fresh smell of cut grass starts the dreams for never-ending sunshine.  The sights of ice cream cones become more frequent as the sounds of live music and street music cushion the ears. The sound of the laughter and screams of children beckon you to your own playground.  Bicyclers smile as they ride towards their destination. The thoughts of fresh foods soon to come leave your mouth watering.

Spring comes every year. That is the beauty of the transition of seasons. It doesn’t matter how long the winter is, because you know, flowers are on their way. Once the beauty of that first bloom catches, you can’t help but smile a bit and realize, oh yes–this is what I’ve been waiting for.

The same way that nature awakens for the spring, the heart awakens to joy.  The same way we hope for flowers and the sight of butterflies, we hope for the success and happiness in our lives. So here’s to a garden full of blooms.

spread your wings





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