small slip, recovered

imagine: walking to work when you suddenly realize you forgot your deodorant, but you’re running a few seconds behind so there’s not enough time to turn around and go back to apply some, it also happens to be a very busy day full of a normal tasks plus a conference, little did you know that your day would turn into 13 hours

the point is, we have days like this, but it’s okay. Why? well, I had to wear a suit for the conference, and suits have a good sense to hide any perspiration. 

life’s like that. there’s always concealer, there’s the jacket/sweater that covers the sweat, there’s the sun to dry the tears, there’s bandaids to stop the bleeding, there’s the pictures to see faraway friends, there’s the realization that nothing is done for nothing, and most days there’s deodorant.

keep calm and carry on



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