feet hip-width apart. reach up. bend slightly back. bend forward into forward fold. release your head, your shoulders, your stress, and your life. breath in and out, forgetting the stress, just focusing on self, and body, and breath. shake it out. loosen up. reaching up, stretching yourself, your body, your mind. down again. looking forward, positively. down. stretching your feet back to the unknown, the next follows. moving slowing down, elbows in. down and up and back and up and down and up and back and up and down and back and up and down. breathing in the good air, pushing out the bad air, breathing in the great air, pushing out the toxins. opening your heart. opening your mind. letting your breath and body take control as your mind empties.

I was able to go back to yoga for the first time in almost 6 months. For some reason, breaking your wrist is not conducive to yoga… However, going back to something that you love after taking a forced break for such a long time, makes it sweeter.  You realize it’s hard at first, but you’re so happy to be there, to be in it, that your enthusiasm multiplies your strength.

Yoga is such a beautiful art. I call it art; depending on who you talk to it could be exercise, relaxation, meditation, and more. But really you’re practicing an art. the art of stretching and breathing and connecting the two while releasing yourself and letting your mind leave as your breath and body take over.  you have to practice, but like art–different days bring different strength and concentration.




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