spinning round and round and round, moving to the music, showing the emotion. this post is a little bit of fun, a little bit of adventure, and a little bit of reminiscence.

a day full of twirling.

fun: first to start off the day twirling with a tyke. spinning moving jiving smiling, getting dizzy, 1 2 3 4 times around, switch directions, spinning around, singing to the music, laughter.

adventure: first time to the ballet! amazing! Carmen. The muscles and the movements of the dancers were fabulous. the emotions shown through their bodies, their expressions, their motions. the music puts you in the dance floor. you feel as if it’s you in the middle. the movement keeps going and going and amazing and amazing.

reminiscence: the scene of you’ve got mail with the picture of twirling and the thought of standing on someone’s boots as they twirl you around and around.

keep spinning



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