twinkle, twinkle

little star, how I wonder what you are. high above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.

a night under the stars.

memorial day brings to us one of our first nights of camping, while the campground was a little more local than usual, there is still beauty in sleeping with nothing but a sky of stars above you.

sleeping here under the sky full of stars. twinkling and winking at me. i feel the warmth of the earth beneath me as I lay into the somewhat flat dirt. the walls are made of green trees with brown bark tonight.  with lightening bugs flickering like a very soft nightlight. I hear the music of the wilderness, perhaps a bird’s flight or a squirrel’s scurry create a rustle in the leaves.  the wind softly blows. the air is dense and moist as you breath in deep, taking in the smells of the clean dirt and fresh foliage encasing the nest. tucked in tight in the nature of the night.

morning breaks as the sun rises in the east slowly and softly to bring you the new day. awaking your senses so slowly, first by light then by smell, next you realize the rustling of your slowly opening and closing fingers opening up to the new day tasting the freshness of the earth and hearing the movements of all the creatures around you.

show your little light



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