A new perspective

Hello post number forty!

Does this mean my blog is “over the hill” or is this just another simple notch on the tree of life? I’ll go with the second.

Do you know those ideas or processes that hit you in the head and you have no excuse but to follow them out on the whim? Well, one of these things is rearranging my apartment.  I was having a day, we’ll say with a lack of direction, and it struck me that I needed a new outlook. A new view. A new perspective.

When you move about items or priorities in your life. You think it starts as a very simple and easy ideal, but you soon realize that there is something much deeper at root when it comes down to it. Taking down items is just as refreshing as adding a new flower to your bouquet. When you rearrange your apartment, you’re making a statement that you realize every single day when you arrive home. Whether it’s to be more open to company, settling down to work, relaxing,… you realize that deep down you had a reason for the change up.

While it might be more exciting to say that I moved my large items around to welcome more company, have larger parties, or such. The truth is, I’m finding that taking a moment for myself and defining what I have to do now and in the future has struck me as an important task at hand.

I do believe that some people can be the essence of life. But there are days that your encouragement and your thought process needs a moment to erase everyone else’s opinions of you and your life. everyone’s grasps and kisses swaying and moving you in good and bad ways. but what is good and bad? they will be first to tell you. to try and push you in the “right” direction. to tell you that the grass smells greener when you have less of it. the sun shines brighter when you’re used to the clouds. that a two month summer is better then sweating for a year? what do they know. do they know the taste of a mulberry? do they know the sticky fingers of a nephew with a smore in one hand? the sleepless nights because of the cicadas, not the stress. the blending of watercolors at sunset. the worry of what to make for dinner to appease all of the above. the smell of fresh. the taste of summer. you know, the fruit of the tree, the vegetable of the vine. breakfast in the dewy grass with fresh eggs and coffee as the morning glories smile their early grin. but it’s just a decision. a matrix of options and opinions. there’s no right, or wrong. there’s heart and there’s gut, but that comes with the person not the place. the realizations in the soul, not the endless collaboration by all. so here’s to a new perspective, a new taste, a new focus. and the ability to let a fresh new outlook cleanse the palate.

find your ginger



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