road trip

“When you come to a fork in the road….take it”

-Yogi Berra 


I’m going to pretend that I’ve been writing this whole time, explaining to you the intricacies of our lives in metaphor after metaphor, we know the truth, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend. Basically I am on a really long road trip, but I can see the horizon and I’ll be home shortly. Parts of the trip were traveled with friends and or family. I ruled the road in a large box truck, rode as a passenger, and then embarked solo for a bit.  I didn’t mean to push aside my writing and I’m afraid it wasn’t the only thing that I pushed away, but I’m back. Fortunately, I’ll not end in August because my writing will never stop. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be writing daily (to share). Fortunately, I will probably one day share my other writing with you. and Fortunately, I will probably add some other fun things (like cooking!).

Anyway, Life’s a (road) Trip! You keep moving and going and peeing and eating and refueling and looking forward. Where you are going might change, but you’re still moving forward. forward is a weird trick.. it’s a direction that can’t be defined. and really what does that mean.

Forward (adverb): toward the front; the direction you are moving or facing with your chin slightly up, your heart open, and your attitude a bit more positive then usual.

adieu two zero one two

free to be in two zero one three



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