take a hike

as the sun shines the snow melts

the cold dirt turns to cool mud

the crisp air freshens my breath

walking up the rock path to the peak

Exploring the mountains and the trails is a wonderful way to release society and all of its ideals. I found myself driving towards the mountains away from town and away from people. Some days it doesn’t matter if you love the people dearly, or you don’t, sometimes you want the only thoughts in your head… to be yours.  As I drive toward the incline I realize I’m prepping myself for the upward lifting of myself in this life. The upward incline I feel like I’m walking, but I know the top is up there, up there–waiting to be explored and waiting to show you the views from the top.  While I took two absolutely amazing hikes that grounded me to my own realizations, I think it’s important to know what gets you there…

which is why this post is called “take a hike”. I have realized that the further I get in life, the less advice I want. Life has a way of teaching us and every person you meet wants to tell you how to change your life. That’s great…  but honestly, right now, right here, I’m not ready to hear any one’s perspective… Its mostly because I’ve been doing this for awhile (you know, living) and I think about what I love and what I need in life and usually this matrix of likes and wants doesn’t correlate with any other person’s matrix (hence, why we’re unique).  But instead of telling people to “take a hike”– I took one myself. And is probably the best reaction I could have. You must take yourself out of the situation and out into the wild and take a moment to feel your own heart beat.

the sky is blue and the sun is shining

the fresh evergreen air clears our head

the beauty around  reminds us to embrace our own

take a hike



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