short and sweet

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right–

for you’ll be criticized anyway.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s the first day of February. It’s a short and sweet little month that greets us.  I would like to take a moment to look into the short and sweet.

Often times we make decisions with the long term in mind. Why not just think about the short term? There is something to be said to figure out what makes us happy in the short term. Or at least to realize that following our heart can lead us to something that we love in the long run as well. I’m not saying that we should not work towards a bigger goal, but instead to occasionally let the whim of our heart lead us in the short term, to direct us toward our next opportunities, to let that twinkle in our eye be satisfied.

What makes life sweet?  I think that we must take what makes our life sweet and let ourselves value it. I realize that is a interesting way to state it, but really… we know what we enjoy and what makes our lives a bit better, so we should rejoice that we have the sweetness in our life.

embrace your sweet tooth



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