roll with it

ptp1Happy November! I’m a little late, but November is my favorite month. My favorite holiday is this month, as well as my day of birth. I love talking about gratitude (major theme of November) all the time and am hopeful that I will have time to write more about that later. Today, I want to talk about change.

Change is inevitable. It comes to us in different directions and different costumes. It can wreck havoc on our life or put a smile on our face. This is all perspective. Is there a catch? well… okay. Change is not the topic, it’s how we roll with it.


Wait?! What!? So first… you’re saying I HAVE to change? okay fine…

Wait?! What!? Second… you want me to ROLL with it? ughhh…

Wait?! What!? Last… I’m supposed to focus on the new thing that is being built?

Identifying what is happening is easy. Okay, easier then the rest of the gibberish I’m saying that needs to happen. Coming to terms that change is inevitable is hard. It means that goals and reality don’t always align. It means that you can work really hard to make something happen and then something else comes up and you have to trust that this new direction is just as positive (or usually more so!). Rolling with it follows naturally from being okay with it. Don’t resist. When you resist change, usually it happens anyway only you feel dragged instead of being in control. I personally HATE being dragged by anyone or anything, so it makes my skills to turn change into my own ninja like… Last part, stop focusing on the past. It was there, you lived it, it’s gone. now is so much better than that was… so get over it. And look to today and perhaps take time to think about what shall come. This new building… and Ta Da… Transformation : )

be the change you want to see



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