a tromp in the woods

The joy in living near the mountains is the ability to go for a mile drive and be up in the beauty of the Aspens. This last Saturday, I took a  trip to a winery which features a snowshoe/winery tour/fondue fun day.  One of the best uses of a Saturday in the winter I have found yet. The day started with sunshine and as we drove up further into the mountains the more overcast it became. After a brief stop at the winery to pick up our supplies (snowshoes and poles, not wine), we continued up the mountain. Once we arrived to the trail, the snow gently started to fall.

The trek up the mountain started as a slow progress on a board walk. Once we got to the top, we were delighted by a treat of hot wine. The trip down is what we are here to talk about. The rugged and raw trip down the mountain through deep and untouched snow. The depth of the snow varied from one to several feet. The aspens created a maze of possibilities. All you can see is nature: crisp white snow, frosted trees , brown rough branches sticking out. The soft and sweet snow kept falling. The sounds of nature scared away by the child like laughter of the adults.  All of the senses aware. One step to far to the left and WHOMP down you go into the wet soft snow. When you fall, nature is there to catch you. You may fall awkwardly, but it doesn’t matter, the snow shapes into the perfect pillow to soften the blows.

Of course the winery was amazing. Intricate Swiss fondue and fabulous wines ranging from white Merlot, to blends, and chocolate truffle. The company from young to old chattered and teased. The country man with the guitar and harmonica sang Simon and Garfunkel and twisted famous tunes to Colorado hits in the background.

Overall a top-notch day. One to remind us of getting back to nature. To try new things and to become comfortable with the new and uncomfortable.

tromp on



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