another leaf. 

it crumbles like in the fall, whipped around, and then crunched into many pieces. 

thrown into the churn like flavor to butter.

around and around

smashed it pieces, stuck in with the cream, and turned into a beautiful product.

Here we go again. It’s on to a new thing. Well a couple, actually. Starting off with a new March in a week (transition time currently). And then new summer adventures with graduate school looming (a good looming) in the future. It brings me to a couple of months ago when I sat talking to a verdic astrologist…

He said that I “would see a lot of change. Don’t try to resist, these changes are like a rushing river–they will break through. You might get the feelings of a boxer before a fight, just relax, the changes are all for the better.”

my head rushed.

what had the last year been?

cold grey cleveland, desk job, good yet ready to pop

ghetto in the mountains, mean middle schoolers

IT company, great benefits, grey cube

yoga training, new life

now my head continues to spin

private tutor, college tutor

GRE and snow storms

teaching english and people from whole new worlds

grad school acceptance

less teaching yoga, more doing yoga

moving to a new place 

friends come and others go

Here we go again. Excited for the change, but is it now ending? continuing on until 2015? I guess that is the thrill. Allow the wind to blow your hair, give you new style, but keep your feet grounded.

churn on


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